Company Profile

Hello and Welcome to MMFPL!

When we stepped in with a single room office on 5th November 2001, there was nothing to differentiate in market, there was a level field for all. Further what visually separate us from others is our endeavour and strive in creating a brand. In our journey to deliver the best, we have provided our services to a diverse clientele from various industries such as Real Estate, Lifestyle, Automobile, Retail, Fitness & Healthcare, Educational, Ecommerce Businesses, Political Personality & Organizations, NGO’s, Banking & Finance and many more.

We are team of 110 personnel with very high retention rate which comprises Graphic Designers, Visualizers, Content Writers, Marketing Professionals, Market Researchers, Event Managers, Accountants, HR Professionals,Software Designers, Hardware Engineers, Web Developers, App Developers, Social Media Managers and Digital Marketing Experts.

If the services we provide is the heart of our institution then our team members are the pace makers who generate the rhythm to sustain. Several minds with varied thoughts, different talents with distinct abilities but one obsession – to build strong brands that stand against competition with market and build growth. Interactive, insightful outreach that we provide meets the growing need for business to fulfill their online and offline requirements. We work for brands to create their identity with insight strategy, integrated experiences,all that so our client can successed in the digital age. It is our belief that if we bring in creative thinking process and pursue original and organic thought, it is surely going to turn the game.

Today after 17 years the seedling has grown into full-fledged, flourished tree with the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate and one of the leading, strategic advertising and media company in India with innovation at core. We steer effective work for some of India’s most prestigious clients. We provide a wide spectra of services and solutions under one roof. We are dynamic growing company who has mastered in old and new methods of effective advertising campaign and will continue to do in coming future. Keeping ourselves ahead in market by updating, adapting constantly in chase of perfection. We don’t work to build business but to build relations. This perspective of thought has given us a very high client retention rate, making them our Business Associate more than just a client.

Message From CEO’s Desk

We MultiMedians always see in our work profile that every spend is to be converted into smart investments at right time, right place and for the right target audience. Also one should get handsome returns on investments by following “My Customer’s Rupee Policy”. I believe in working as business associate of my clients and understand their business. If my client flourishes in his business, he will grow my business too. There is huge potential in Rural India. We aim to take this enormous source of energy from rural to global.

Sushil S Nawal

Message From Director’s Desk

A business which has expanded it’s boundaries over the profit and attached with ethics and transparency will always sustain against any extreme change, because it’s roots are deeply connected to the culture. Despite the fact that India is coming up with different shades of technology, still possess an agro based economy. More of the young aspirants are trading in the rural India. In the coming future it will be my mission and strive to connect the Rural Agro based India to the upcoming digital India. It will be my vision to give a digital face to the Young & Rural India through our ethical and transparent services.

Parietosh S Nawal